KiwiVison® Customized Solutions

Leading Know-How as Service

Through many years of experience in the fields of video surveillance, computer vision and distributed and fail-safe systems, KiwiSecurity has expert know-how which is offered as service to support clients in any project.

Individual Solutions

Specific challenges which cannot be solved by standard products, can be tackled by individual solutions which address specific demands or requirements. Through new analysis applications, entire systems or virtualizations, all customer needs can be met by an experienced team of researchers and developers, utilizing a large pool of existing algorithms and know-how, complemented by a professional project management and quality control.

Requirements Analysis, Feasibility Study, Prototypes

In order to offer ideal customized solutions for the challenges clients are confronted with in video surveillance, the requirements analysis presents a detailed specification for particular problems. By conducting feasibility studies, it becomes evident in the first step which applications are practical. With the development of prototypes, desired functionality can be realized step by step in order to present the customer results early and adapt further development.

Test Versions & Competitions

In order to evaluate KiwiSecurity‘s technology, test versions can be obtained for which the customer is granted remote support. If required, KiwiSecurity participates in competitions. In recent years KiwiSecurity won a considerable number of competitions resulting in contracts for their partners.

System Configuration

If desired, KiwiSecurity supports the customer with the configuration on-site or remotely via the Internet. Advanced adjustments can also be made in the lab and implemented by a partner on-site.

Training & Certification

KiwiSecurity offers basic and technical training, which is completed by a test and a training certificate. After basic training the sales partner is authorized to present and distribute the KiwiVision® product series. After completing advanced training, the partner can install and configure KiwiVision® systems.

This training consists of (among others):

System architecture

Configuration of applications

User rights & alarm management

Privacy & data protection

Extensive video analysis

Intense hands-on training