The KiwiVision® Intrusion Detector automatically detects the intrusion of unwelcome persons or vehicles into critical areas.

As soon as an object moves into a defined area, an event is generated which can be processed according to situational demands. Besides the options of saving, forwarding and replaying alarm sequences also acoustic or visual alarms can be triggered via I/O module.

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Fields of Application

  • Protection of critical properties, perimeters
    and buildings
  • Prisons, barracks, premises,
    power stations

Through the simple configuration interface, numerous parameters can be defined to make sure that only unwanted intrudors will trigger alarms.

The robust algorithms ensure reliable analysis results independent from rain, snow or shaking cameras. Only relevant events are extracted.

By predetermining allowed paths, the speed of motion or object size, false detections can be reduced to a minimum. Thus ensuring that neither weather conditions nor animals can lead to alarms.


  • KiwiVision® Connection Platform
  • Minimum resolution: 640 × 480 px
  • Minimum frame rate: 12 fps
  • Minimum object size: 20 x 20 px
  • Distances up to 120 m recommended (HD)

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