The KiwiVision® People Counter automatically counts people in videos delivered either by cameras or 3D sensors.

As soon as a person has passed a virtually definable region or line, it will automatically be counted. The counting is performed directional (Two directions per line). Counting lines can be formed and oriented individually thus enabling not only the counting in passages but also for regions.

Fields of Application

  • Supermarkets, shops, shopping malls
  • Airports, railway stations
  • Event centers, museums & galleries

With the technology of the KiwiVision® People Counter, shops, supermarkets and shopping malls receive detailed information about numbers of customers in definable areas as well as statistical evaluation for the optimization and comparability of stores and departments.

The counting will stay stable even if several people are passing a line simultaneously. By using 3D sensors, maximum accuracy can be ensured (+99,5%).

Obtained results will automatically be prepared as interactive statistical reports and can be sent out via E-Mail at definable dates and times. Thanks to the clear structure and interactive display, a detailed overview of several months can quickly be gained. In addition, counting results can be exported as CSV files.


  • KiwiVision Connection Platform
  • Minimum resolution: 320×240 px
  • Minimum frame rate: 8 fps
  • Top-down camera view
  • Min. 2,5m camera height

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